Monday, 13 April 2015

Rule #269: Hockey fights

Come on now. Are hockey fights really that exciting? If you want to see a fight, GO to a fight! There's all kinds. Boxing, MMA, ultimate fighting, etc..... and of course the ultimate: Pro Wrastlin' (WWE). You aint gonna see no flying suplex's on the ice!

Plus, it just slows the game down. Picture it: you just got a fresh beer, some popcorn and your into a fast paced end to end action game, but... here we go. Domi and Probert (actually make that Chara and Scott Nichol, Domi & Prober would actually be a good one) are about to go and you have to grab your corn and beer because everyone stands up to watch them wrestle a bit and fall over - (actually watch Chara hold Nichols head too far away for Nichol to reach him and then let him fall when he tuckers himself out) 
Real exciting. Now the game has been interrupted and lost it's momentum and all I can think about is how I payed too much for my tickets, how over priced the beer is and the stale popcorn!

   Shhhhhh, everyone listen... I think I can hear it now. It sounds like knuckles dragging on the ground. Must be all the Don Cherry faithful's coming after me so they can tell me what a pussy I am! Well bring it on! Of course Cherry supports fighting, how else could he sell another rock em' sock em'?

 In the world, hockey figh..... Ok! hold on! I have to give cred where cred is due... I would actually pay to see the 2 match ups I've mentioned here. But that's it! Other than that, I submit the following...

In the new world, if you think there'll be hockey fights, you're mcSorley mistaken.



  1. Looks like there's gonna be a tussle!!!

  2. Spoken like a true BALLERINA Bennett

  3. You think being a ballerina is easy? My hot trophy girlfriend aint light.


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