Sunday, 12 April 2015

Rule #270: Custody

Just like divorce, we've done this enough to know how it's done without fighting and getting lawyers involved. What makes it worse is the kids have to get involved. It shouldn't be complicated. If you're both good parents, your kids split time between you. 50/50. Now, if one of you is a bad parent (or a soccer fan), the rules change. If we all put the kids before our own jealousy and greed, everyone would be better off.

Now, in order to create a good system, we need to create a fair system. No more screwing dudes over. How many more good dads does the system have to see pushed to the brink of suicide and financial ruin before we make meaningful change? According to, 70% of divorces involving children result in the mother getting custody. 

If the odds in Vegas were as good as a woman's odds in court, men could quit their jobs and enjoy a never-ending bender on the Vegas dime. We should only need mediators, not lawyers to figure things out. But the mediators need to be trained to consider everyone's interest. Too many men live and work hard just to make ends meet, because of getting screwed over. The mediators of the new world will have a responsibility to prevent this injustice. There's some good advice HERE for separating couples.

In the new world, a mediator, not a court, will hear custody issues.

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