Saturday, 31 January 2015

Rule #341: Tipping

Definition: Give (someone) a sum of money as a way of rewarding them for their services: "I tipped her five dollars"; "that sort of person never tips".

When did tipping become mandatory? I still try to reserve tips for good service, but it's becoming harder all the time. Not only is it so expected, but a lot of places take it upon themselves to include a tip it without even asking. So, without knowing, a lot of people end up tipping on top of an already included gratuity.
When an organization gives you instructions on how much to tip each person that interacts with you (cruise ships are notorious for this) they are basically saying "we don't pay our employees enough, so please help top up their salary." Instead of tipping because the service was good.

Then there's the gray area of tipping. Take a self employed hairdresser. Is it expected or even acceptable to tip the owner of a company? Where do we draw the line or read the manual of tipping etiquette? 

In the new world, employers will pay service industry employees a fair wage and tips will actually be an acknowledgment of good service.


  1. Is that your Texas bar tab?

  2. Agreed! Whats frustrating as well is North Americans that go on Caribbean vacations and bring hundreds of sollars in $1 dollar bills to tip the staff at resorts for everything they do. I get that these countries rely on our tourism to survive, but when did it become necessary to tip someone because they opened the door for you? I'm a lady - it is gentemanly to open a door for a lady - because you're being courteous not because i'm going to give you a buck. I'm not cheap or ungrateful, I just dont want to be harassed by over zealous employees.

    1. Shine bright like a diamond30 March 2013 at 11:52

      As a previous waitress I can attest that the regular wages are low and I basically "lived" off of my tips. I did work very hard for that money. When I pay for food and service I tip very well for good service. When service is not, my tip reflects that, however I still tip (I feel guity if I don't).
      The added 18% tip is a different animal althogether. It cannot be legally added to the bill, you have the right to ask the manager to remove it. I have in the past. I prefer, even if I do leave 18% or more, to leave my own tip. This should not be allowed.
      Tipping should reflect on a person's appreciation of good service, I agree, some expected tipping has hotten out of hand!


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