Friday, 30 January 2015

Rule #342: Winter ice salt

It's just too much. We need to be a little more conservative with this stuff. Have you ever followed a salt truck in the winter? There's so much salt flying at you that you're not sure if you're in a snow storm or a salt storm. And much of it is just landing in the ditch. It's one thing if it's necessary, but I've seen trucks spreading salt when the roads are practically dry. Maybe the city had some extra they had to get rid of.

It's the same on walkways at most businesses. Everyone is so afraid of litigation, they have to go overboard on the salt in the winter. I've actually slipped on piles of salt walking to work.

We all know salt is bad for the environment, but there are a couple of interesting facts that everyone may not know. Road salt attracts animals such as deer and moose to the road, increasing the chance of vehicular accidents. It's also particularly hard on certain trees such as the white pine. Sometimes, road salt puts such a strain on native species that hardier invasive plants and animals take over.

In The new world, we will learn to be conservative and only use road salt as a last resort when roads are extremely icy and dangerous.


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