Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Rule #344: Teachers

Alright, this is in the news a lot lately and I'm standing up for the teachers. Everyone complains about how teachers get summers and weekends off and work short days. Well I've got one reason for giving teachers what they want... They have to spend all day with my kids!

As with any occupation, there are bad teachers, good teachers and great teachers. What we should do is make the hiring process tougher, get rid of the bad teachers and give the good teachers a raise. Also, get rid of summer vacation (that should have been eliminated years ago, we'll talk about that another day). These people spend more waking hours a day with our kids than we do. I'd like to see happy well paid professionals in that position.

In the new world, teachers will be well paid, but they will ALL be worth it. 


  1. Can't get rid of summer vaction, that's all kid's have to look forward to and to get them through the year, you crotchety old blogger!

  2. I disagree...I have two children that are bored out of their minds during summer break! They are too old for camps and too young to work so they have a really hard time trying to figure out what to do with all of their spare time. Unfortunately, I have to work most of the summer so they are on their own all day long. I think 2 weeks is plenty of time off in the summer.


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