Monday, 26 January 2015

Rule #346: Flyers

In 3 words?

I had this debate last night. LATE last night. That's why this entry is so late. My argument is that advertising flyers, that we used to get in newspapers, are extremely excessive. That's why we don't get them in newspapers anymore. They just don't fit. They have become newspapers unto themselves. My mailbox reads "No flyers please, thank you" and it is respected. I don't like being bombarded with ideas of what the corporate man thinks I need. If I need something, I look for it and go get it. Now, according to my debate partner, some people enjoy flipping through these flyers. And I must admit, if I visit my hot trophy girlfriend and the stack of flyers are there, I'll take a peek. However, all these flyers can be found on line where anyone can find them. Last night, J said it's easier to pick the flyers out of the mailbox than looking them up online. So I told him to keep his computer in the mailbox! And just grab it on his way in.

You must have known this was coming:
Canada produces about 10 billion flyers a year
The US produces about 110 billion!
This translates to 120,000 trees and 93% of flyers are thrown away without the recipient doing anything with it! Or they blow around the neighborhood until they disappear.
Apparently, my argument wasn't good enough. So we came to a compromise. You should at least be able to choose the flyers you want.

In the new world, you will be able to request the flyers you want, instead of getting them all. And you will be notified that you have access to them online before receiving the paper version.


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  1. Straight from the mail box to the blue box!!


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