Sunday, 25 January 2015

Rule #347: Aboriginal affairs

Ok. Everyone has had just about as much of this as we can take. From the disruptions by indian protests to government fumbling to police inaction. It's time to get something done before we have Caledonia all over again (or worse). The problems on reserves are not all that uncommon to societies in other parts of the world. When you look at similar cultures where the people live off the land, much like the indians would like to do, a very similar pattern happens when things change: People either continue living off the land, start working or take to drinking. This is extremely familiar to the lifestyles of the aboriginal people here. Instead of doing nothing, I suggest we conduct a trial and test the results. We don't want anyone to stop working and we don't want to stop indians from living off the land. So let's pick one reserve and remove and eliminate all alcohol on the reserve for one year. Then let's see the results. With less time spent on drunken fights, drunken drum dances and hangovers, maybe there will be more time for being productive and perhaps a little book keeping. And judging from the conditions, spending money on necessities instead of booze, would be a good idea.


And to show my support and conviction to this initiative, I will jump on the wagon with them (no pun intended). I too will kick the booze for a year. I'm sure it couldn't hurt them or me. I'll even offer to mediate the meeting to make this happen between Harper and Spence (if she's recovered from her diet) or whichever chief is sent. Nothing else is working, why not?

In the new world, if any community relies on public tax money, it will be expected that zero of that money is wasted on alcohol or cigarettes.


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