Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Rule #352: Health care

I think we can all agree that here in Canada we have one of the 
best health care systems in the world. If there is one flaw that I see it's that it's actually TOO good. Between government run health care and group insurance plans, health care is practically free. However, when I say that it's too good, I mean that too many people abuse it. An example of this is neurotic parents who rush their children to the doctor every time they sneeze or cough. We spend a lot of time at the doctor or emergency room without just cause. This puts a financial burden on the system as well as occupying resources for people who actually need it.

In the new world, there will be a nominal fee ($10 - $30) payable by the patient for each visit to a medical professional. This would make people give a second thought before rushing a child to the doctor for a stubbed toe.



  1. Excellent idea... No exemptions to anyone either

    1. Hang on here, folks! I don't agree with the No Exemptions comment. One of the earlier blogs dealt specifically with old and aging folks. Think just how quickly even a nominal $30 fee could add up with an elderly couple. Medical professionals ofter refer them on to other specialists, and submit them to a flurry of specialized testing, just to "get to the bottom of things". Add your "nominal fee" into the co-pay for prescriptions, and cab fare (since they probably are too old to drive) and you are talking serious moolah. I'm prepared to endure the abusers of the system to ensure no-cost access for our elders.

    2. Due to the fact that elderly people endure more health issues, how about we wave the fee for people over 50?

  2. I think this is an excellent idea but we need to keep in mind that there are families that cannot afford to pay even $10.00 and would hate to see children suffer as a result.

  3. Hey,I agree and disagree. I agree that healthcare reform is necessary, because the current healthcare market is broken in so many ways that it is the single most damaging industry to the economy by far. What I do disagree with a LOT is the idea that the ACA is the way to go. It is inherently broken and its benefits are far offset by its costs and liabilites. Lets put it this way. Those same entrepreneurs who need to grow their companies once they start out will necessarily need capital, such as equipment, workers, etc. To a certain point, the ACA benefits the individual young entrepreneur but it only benefits him to a certain point. The ACA mandates that all employers must utilize its system and follow its plan to cover healthcare (I don't give a damn what Obama told you, the law itself says this), which means that each employee costs substantially more once the 50+ employee threshold has been reached.Thank you so much!!!!
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