Monday, 19 January 2015

Rule #353: Space exploration

I used to love this topic. I loved 
watching space launches as a kid and into my adulthood. But as I look at what it's achieved, I can't help but think what a better world we would have if all those resources and money had been put into something more worthwhile. And think of the environmental effects. All the fuel that gets burned each time we launch. And all the space junk floating around up there. Now, not only have we polluted our planet, we've polluted the outer atmosphere as well. 


Currently, there are approximately 20,000 pieces of junk (bigger than 1cm) orbiting the earth. With another 300,000 less than 1cm. We're going to have to install recycle centres and garbage collection space stations and send space criminals with high visibility space suits to clean it all up. If we had directed all that money and effort into real problems here on earth, we'd be living in a clean environment using non polluting transport and clean energy. Of course, we know that space exploration is essential to war efforts. And google earth is pretty cool. But couldn't we live without satellite t.v. in exchange for a better world?

Wow! I can see Uranus!

In the new world, until we solve our problems here on earth, which is possible if we start now by following this easy to follow 365 Rules for the new world, we will have to study space from afar using high powered telescopes.


  1. If we waited to solve earths problems, that would put space exploration off until the end of time.

    We have the resources, and we can even bring more back from space.

    Money is just a piece of paper that the world can print as much we want of, we do not eat money, power our homes or save the world with it, it is just something we believe in, so allow people to trade for REAL VALUE items, but money itself has no real value. Turning that, no true value, money, into real knowledge, I am all for.

    However that being said, robots are a much better option for current exploration than humans. The better we get at robotics, and the smaller we can make them, the further we can explore in my opinion.

  2. Progression always creates new problems, but the human race as a whole is good at coming up with solutions. I'd say the pros of space exploration far outweigh the cons.


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