Saturday, 17 January 2015

Rule #355: Car alarms


How many times has your car alarm been set off accidentally?

And how many times has your car been stolen?


These things need an off button.

I hate it when I'm trying to get in my car quietly at 5:00am to go to work, and between fumbling with my keys and handling my lunch with gloves on, I accidentally activate the alarm to notify everyone in the hood that I'm off to work. 

And when you hear a car alarm go off in the middle of the night, do you get up thinking "Oh my god, someone's trying to steal a car!"? No. You roll over, pull a pillow over your head and think "I wish that jerk would go out and shut that thing off so I can get back to that dream where I'm a back up dancer for Justin Bieber, and in the middle of "Boyfriend" you pull out a guitar, kick J.B. off the stage and lay into the most awesome version of "Eruption" ever heard. It's so good, even JB gets up and gives you props. And the next day Jack Black calls you up and wants you to join his band and.....!"
Oh yeah, car alarms....

In the new world, all new cars will be equipped with an easy on / off switch for car alarms.
In an effort to avoid notes like this!


  1. Yep, those car alarms are to be the worst invention of the humanity after the nuclear bombs and soccer, they make stealing your car even easier.

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