Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Rule #358: Barky Dogs in the city

People often state that they love or hate dogs. I think that's too broad a statement to make. Dogs have so many personalities and characteristics. It would be like stating you love or hate all people. But unfortunately, some people aren't cool. Same with dogs. Personally, I like stupid happy dogs that don't make a lot of noise.   


Dog owners love their dogs. That's a given. It's like a child to them. However, no one should have to listen to their neighbors dog. If you live in the city, it should be your responsibility to keep your dog from disturbing other people. Once again it just comes down to common courtesy. 

In the new world, annoying, yappy dogs will not be permitted within city limits.

And definitely, 

NO pit bulls.



  1. When is the post coming for yappy children in the city? I'll post my comment when that one comes....

    I agree that yappy dogs are annoying, but I disagree with your comment about the pitbulls.

    I am a firm believer that animals (and children, for that matter) behave the way they are taught. My grandmother has a 10 year old pitbull. This dog carries kittens around in her mouth as if they are her own - she hogs the covers and takes up the bed when I spend the night - never once have I seen a violent action from this animal. Why? Because she wasn't taught it. I know several people that have dogs that are undisciplined but it is not relative to the type of dog they are - it is how they are raised.

    Therefore, if I may, let me add to your post.... In the new land, people who mistreat and abuse their pets should be euthanized, not the animal.

  2. I appreciate your add. And I agree with your view on people who mistreat animals. I can't stand it when people get dogs then lock them up in cages for 20 hours a day. However, I'm not convinced that pit bulls are not a problem breed. I know not all will be bad, but there are 2 key points to consider here. 1. When they do attack, they destroy people. I had the misfortune of seeing a lot of images when researching for this entry. Not pretty. Especially children. Secondly, it seems there are just too many attacks by pit bulls. It seems there must be a genetic malfunction.
    Again, thanks for the input.

  3. I read this post months ago and didnt have much to say as i live in a relatively yappy-dog-free neighbourhood. Until this spring when 4 of my neighbours got puppies. One starts barking, then another barks at the first one until there is a symphony of yapiness in effect. Then the owners come out and yell at the dogs to stop barking... It got so bad to a point one night where one dog was barking for a few hours - to the point that i was concerned that maybe something had happened to the owner. So, i went for a walk to the street behind my house to figure out where the barking was coming from. I knocked on the door, expexting no answer and preparing myself to bust thugh the door to find the owner face first in a bowl of soup (or something like that). The owner answered the door and i asked if everything was okay. Sure, she said, why would you think something was wrong? When i mentioned that although i didnt want to be a nosy neighbour and was genuinly concerned because of the never ending barking, i was told to kind my own business. I guess she'll be sorry next time she trips on the dog dish amd falls down the stairs!

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