Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Rule #359: Legalizing Marijuana

I'm actually torn about this one. I don't think pot should be illegal because it's pot. The detrimental affects of alcohol on society are far worse than smoking weed. I think it should be illegal for the same reasons smoking should be illegal. It's dirty and pollutes the air and land. I can't believe the amount of non-biodegradable butts that are left around every smoking area and tossed thoughtlessly out a car window by some ignorant son of a bitch. Not to mention the burden on the health system. On the other hand, at least weed has a purpose. Smoking doesn't even get you high. And if you toss a roach, it is biodegradable.

Given the nature of all this new information, I just convinced myself:
In the new world, marijuana will be legal and cigarettes will be illegal.


  1. Marijuana have a lot of medicinal use
    smoking marijuana.

  2. I think cigarettes and weed should both be legal. If I don't like the effects that they cause, I just won't use them. I think people can make their own choices. The government doesn't need to babysit me and tell me what's good and bad for me.

  3. "It's dirty and pollutes the air and land."

    Surely... surely you're joking? Oh yeah, people smoking weed is really causing so much pollution. Give me a break.

    Jeff | HerbTools

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  5. I bet they people complaining about air pollution drive a car! Those kick out a lot worse things that a stoners bongs


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