Thursday, 8 January 2015

Rule #364: Crime and punishment

Ever heard of a guy named Charles Manson? or Timothy Mcveigh? Of course you have. Why? Because we turn these sick, attention seeking losers into folk heroes. We rarely hear about the people who do good things on a regular basis. But if you shoot up a school full of innocent children or blow up a building full of hard working people, your in the history books. And somewhere out there is some other sick, loser thinking "wow, cool, I could do that". Look at James Holmes. He shot up a movie theater last summer and now we're wasting millions on trials and keeping him locked up. And can anyone name a single victim? Of course not, we're too busy focusing on the guy who was such a nice boy and always seemed friendly. All media coverage should revolve around the victims. These flags fly at half mast for all the victims of violent crime who's lost lives have been overshadowed by the people who took their lives.

In the new world, anyone who is obviously guilty of a major high profile crime will have their head removed for testing and the body will be disposed of without mention of the name of the person. All media coverage will respectfully revolve around the victims.

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