Saturday, 3 January 2015

Rule #4: Comedy and humor

What people find offensive and why is a question that does not have a simple answer. One person’s joke is another person’s rude comment. What some people consider subtle wit is nothing but an insult to someone else. Ultimately, what we have to do is learn to differentiate between
aggressive, hurtful insults and funny jokes made for the purpose of humor. Nothing that is meant as a joke should offend anyone. Like we talked about in rule #333: Swearing, they’re just words, people. If someone makes a crude joke that you don’t find funny, don’t laugh. But don’t make it your duty to protect society from whatever harm you think will be done by delivering a poorly worded or inappropriate joke.

I don’t condone attack humor. It's not my style. I don’t like jokes that are directed at a person’s weakness, such a physical attribute or mental ability - Unless they can’t hear you of course. Nor would it be funny to make a joke about banging someone’s mother the same day she died. Any other day however, it’s extremely funny to rip about banging someone’s mother.

I think we can squeeze a little humor into death too. If my death is ever caught on tape I hope someone has some fun with it. Imagine if an ice cream truck smoked me on my bicycle? One of those trucks with the springy clown bobble head on the roof? If that was caught on tape, I’d expect to see it on you tube with some funny ass caption. I say let's put the FUN back in FUNeral!

Basically, I’m just saying lets stop being offended by humor. If used in the name of comedy, all those words you’re normally not allowed to say, should be fair game. Not that I’m advocating hate speech. There’s nothing funny about rev Phelps spewing bile about hating fags or the Klan shooting off about hating niggers. They’re just using hate language in the absence of any debate capable intellect. But you gotta admit, it would be pretty funny if president Obama addressed the nation by starting with “SUP NIGGAS?” See the difference?


In the new world, let’s relax and take humor for what it is!

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