Friday, 27 February 2015

Rule #314: Gas station lines

I love high gas prices. There's no line up at the pumps. I'm in and out of there in a jiff… love it!

The worst case scenario for me is when I need gas and prices just came down. There's a huge line up and I'm probably in a hurry. Then you have to play the game... I'm behind this guy, a spot just opened up on the other side. Do I be rude and pull in ahead of this guy in front of me because he doesn't seem to be interested? And what if I make the move and someone else takes it just before I get there. Wait a minute, which side of the car is that guys tank on? If he needs to back in....... I hate that game! I'd rather pay top dollar for my fuel and be done. And really, how much extra are we talking?

Assuming a 70 litre tank, a fill will cost you at:
   $1.20... $84.00
     $1.25... $87.50
       $1.30... $91.00
         $1.35... $94.50

It's not like they're giving it away when it goes down. On a fill up the price fluctuates about $3.50 in a range of 5 cents. So is it really worth the line up? Want it to be even less of an issue? Drive less and ride a bike to work every once in a while.

In the new world, this lesson will be part of the driver education program.
(we just need to figure out how to get people to pay attention)


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