Monday, 23 February 2015

Rule #318: Hangovers

We have so much technology out there. Actually, It's been said that the computers we're building will be smarter than humans by 2035 (based on reactions per second). Although, I think my Atari eclipsed me in 82'. Regardless, we now can predict weather, fix failing eyesight, even take a human body apart, fix it and put it together with new parts! But we can't cure a common HANGOVER? Gimme a break! This has got to be a secret plan by the man to keep us down! 

This needs to become top priority. STAT!

Think about it. I don't know if anyone has done a study on the loss of productivity due to drinking, but I bet it's substantial. Most of the lost time however, is incurred during the hangover stage. I've drank a little more than I shoulda' on 1 or 2 occasions (that I can remember). The actual drinking takes place at night when I wouldn't be doing anything productive anyway. 

It's the next day, when I'm supposed to be working or cutting the lawn or exercising that the true loss takes place. If we can cure the hangover, we increase global productivity exponentially.
Or at least I'll be able to drive to the liqueur store to get more booze without calling a delivery service.

In the new world, space exploration will be put on full hiatus and all resources will be dedicated to this cause until a cure is found!
(would you rather have a clear head, or a picture of Uranus?)


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