Sunday, 22 February 2015

Rule #319: Excessive packaging

With all the knowledge we have now about pollution and landfill issues we should be reducing our amount of disposable waste. The fact that most of the crap inside the package is waste to begin with is bad enough.
According to the U.S. EPA, in 2008 plastics amounted to about 12 percent of the country's municipal solid waste stream -- up from less than 1 percent 50 years ago. That's about 30 million tons (27 million metric tons). Close to half of it in the form of containers and other types of packaging. Plastics pose an important environmental problem. They continue to exist and cause damage for hundreds of years.
Fortunately, scientists and chemists have been conducting research into using renewable resources from organic polymers to produce plastics. In the meantime, there's still plenty we can do to minimize the impact of nonrenewable plastics. Reducing is best. Stop buying so much crap. Failing that, here's 2 things I've committed to:

   1. I take packaging into account when making purchasing decisions. If there are 2 similar items I wish to purchase, I will attempt to purchase the one with less packaging.
   2. If I have to purchase a product with a ridiculous amount of packaging, I will open the product at the counter and leave the packaging there. If enough people did this, the message would eventually get back to the manufacturer.

In the new world, products will only be packaged if necessary, and if necessary, packaging will be minimal.


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  1. Man... you nailed it with this one! I think everyone would have to agree with this comment. Have you ever seen the streets littered with all of this useless packaging just after Christmas? Has anyone else been in a situation where your kid is screaming and freaking out because they can't get at their new favorite toy due to all of the excessive packaging! I am sure that we could all take that approach and leave excess packaging behind. Oh and I love that pic of the bananas... that is extreme packaging right there at it's best.


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