Saturday, 21 February 2015

Rule #320: I hate cops

I cringe every time I hear this.

I hate the cops... translation... "I hate getting busted every time I brake the law." If you hate police, chances are you're breaking the law too often. The only time I can really say I don't like seeing a cop, is when they appear in my rear view mirror.
Now, like any profession, there are good and bad. I've met many good cops who have helped me out. Like the dude who picked me up on Victoria street when I was lost and too drunk to walk. Instead of slapping me with a public drunkenness fine, he realized I was no hazard to anyone but myself and called a cab, poured me in and sent me on my way. The city even picked up the tab! (I always wanted to thank that guy) On the other hand, there was that Starsky and Hutch wannabe who nailed me for having a beer on the beach in Sauble.

But when the chips are down and some A-hole just broke into your house and wants to steal all your stuff, are you going to think..."well, since I hate cops, I think I'll call my out of work brother in law to come help, he's a good guy and he's got nothing else to do."

Ultimately, these people put their life on the line daily for us. Any given day, they could be responding to some domestic dispute that could involve a psycho who's wasted and packing heat. Or arrive on the scene of a petty crime and the 18 year old thief is so desperate to get away, he tries to shoot his way out.

In the new world, we won't require a lot of police if we follow the "rules" spelled out here in this 365 page document. But the law we do require will be held accountable for their actions and we will show them the respect they deserve.


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