Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Rule #323: Voting

Why are we always pushing EVERYONE to vote? Governments spend *$350,000,000 (see note at bottom of page) on promoting voting every time there's an election.

It's everyone's RIGHT to vote. I'm not contesting that. However, it's ridiculous to try to convince someone who doesn't want to vote, to vote. I think, if you're too lazy to vote, you're probably not the type of person I want deciding who runs my country.

Why would we want some dude who sits in his mom's basement at 40 years of age, playing super Mario brothers (if your 40 this is the game of choice)  to get up, dust the pretzel crumbs off his chest and make a decision that will affect me and my family. If he does vote, it's probably just because he got lost on his way to the store to get more pork rinds. If one of the candidates campaign platform committed 50% of all taxes to support blow up doll research, who do you think he would vote for?

In the new world, in order to vote, everyone should have to take a short quiz to prove you have at least some political knowledge.

*I made up that $350,000,000 figure. I couldn't find a real number. That's what we in the business call an "attention grabber" 

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  1. "Driven by spending from outside groups, the cost of the 2012 U.S. election will exceed $6 billion dollars..." Now, keep in mind it's only a two party system, so total election costs should be much less than an actual democratic country...


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