Sunday, 15 February 2015

Rule #326: Drinking in public

Think about it! what's wrong with having a nice cold beer on the way home from work? As long as your not behind the wheel, a beer on a downtown bench or walking home from your neighbours house should be perfectly acceptable in our society.
Public drunkenness is something totally different. If your smashed and making an ass of yourself, you surrender yourself to the mercy of metro's finest.

For the rest of us, cut us some slack. I mean I've drank in public all over the world. Venezuela, Cuba, Newfoundland, Mexico, New Orleans, Lake Louise, Toronto... Jeezus, I wonder how many places I've been that I don't remember? My point is, after all that drinking in public the only trouble it's caused me is that time I got kicked in the face by that chinese kung fu master. At least he seemed like a kung fu master to me. And I guess there was that incident with the bartender in New Orleans. But if you don't want people to jump on you, you shouldn't say... whatever he said!

But really, if you want people to act like adults, you have to treat them like adults. If you want to see how it's done, check out George street in Newfoundland. They know how to do it.


In the new world, drinking in public will be perfectly acceptable. Public intoxication laws will remain.



  1. I totally agree with you on this dude....let the people drink! It's like anything in life...if you tell someone they can't do it, they will find a way to do it anyways but the only difference is they will more than likely overdue it. If it was legal, it wouldn't be as exciting. I would love to see what that guy drinking the booze out of the coconut looked like after!

    1. The guy drinking the coconut? Well, legend has it, that the coconut / rum mixture gave him super powers and he swam into the ocean to beat up a shark that was terrorizing the beach. After which, he needed a well deserved rest.

      The end.

  2. What about pints in the workplace........ I could go for a cold one right now Jebus Christ !


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