Saturday, 14 February 2015

Rule #327: Homework

I just worked all day. I'm tired. Sick of all the crap my boss lays on me. I've just yelled at all the stupid drivers in the city. And I just need a beer and some time to relax.

But Ohhhh no! Just when I think I'm done, out of the blue I have to identify the complementary, supplementary congruent angles which are perpendickular to the intersecting vertizontal axis of the quadrilaterals.... Yeah right! GO TO YOUR ROOM!
If you want help from me, you better be pre-third grade, or looking for advice on how to find a job. There's only 2 reasons I'm not a teacher: I don't know the material, and I don't know how to teach. After my kids learn how to read, they're on their own. Besides, do we really need to make everyone that smart? Aint 7 hours of learnin' enough?  I actually think the world would be a better place if we were a little less intelligent. I mean I didn't not do a bunch of homework and I growed up pretty guuud.  
Let's let after school actually BE after school.

In the new world, when school is done, the children shall be free!


Happy Valentines Day


  1. Yeah... having kids is like eating Indian food; some good... some bad... and you alway's regret it later...

  2. Maybe this is a way to prepare our children for what's to come....who just goes home from work and is finished working? There are way too many people in society that just can't seem to go home after a hard day at the office and relax so why should children be able to??? We should have the same rule for adults in the new land!

    1. Agreed! 6 hour days, then... NOBODY WORKS!


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