Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Rule #330: Bikes on roads

When I'm driving, I can't stand bikes on the road.
When I'm riding, I'm paranoid of traffic.

What I've discovered is that it's not the person on the bike or the person behind the wheel that's to blame, it's the design of the roads in the city. In the town I live in we're not in a good bike friendly situation, and as a bicycle commuter I know this all too well. It's not because we choose to battle, it's because the roads are not designed for bicycle / vehicle interaction that we end up at war.

Now, given the situation we have to deal with, I must say that most drivers are very courteous (except for the A-hole in the picture to the left who was driving drunk on the wrong side of the road in Mexico and smoked a bike race). But even when we're doing our best to be courteous, some situations put us all in a bad position. This becomes especially concerning when you consider that most, if not all regions are trying to encourage alternate means of transportation and healthy living.


In the new world, all new roads will be equipped with enough bike lane to keep bikes and cars comfortably separated.



  1. And stay off of the sidewalks!!! Nothing I hate worse than walking down the sidewalk only to have a bike whiz past me mere inches away (because God forbid you have to ride on some grass to safely pass by)and scare the living bejeezus out of me!

  2. Umm- if I'm reading this correctly- and I think I am- what you are trying to say is this... "All Mexican's are stupid!!!" Just kidding!!!
    But seriously... your words ring true, until we get to that awful bottom line... that dirtiest of dirty words man...taxes! F'in taxes... Sure; we say we love our fellow man, and would like to keep them safe, but if it costs an extra 32 bucks a year... then it becomes, "well, maybe we'll just make 'em all wear helmuts!!" And then sleep like content babies knowing we are wonderful people...

  3. Taxes! Yes taxes! That is the bottom line! I agree

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