Monday, 9 February 2015

Rule #332: Sidewalk snow

What is up with this? The city claims they own the sidewalk, but it's my responsibility to clear it. I can't build a shed on it! I can't dig it up and plant a garden there! And I doubt I'm allowed to BBQ on it! But I have to shovel it!?!

Nobody likes doing it! you work all day just to come home and find that all the school kids have packed down the snow on the sidewalk and now you have to ruin your shoulder digging up those frozen imprints of overpriced, brand name, pretty shoes that were never meant for winter... but I digress.
Now, there is a silver lining to this cloud. Occasionally, you have a friendly neighbour who will trip down your sidewalk with his snow blower and clear your walk for you (you know this won't be me if you've read rule #349). In some cases, this neighbour is a retiree who loves to get his snow blower out and show it off.

To him, it's kinda like taking a dune buggy out to the desert for a spin. He likes it and it gives him a chance to show off his wheels.
So here's the deal. I say we (local government) with tax money, select a retiree on every street and supply him with a snow blower and it will be his (or her) responsibility to clear the sidewalk.

In the new world, a kindly retiree will clear all our sidewalks. And he gets to have a beer in the process.


  1. And another thing... sidewalks are just another scheme from the government to convince us that they care!!!! I say burn all the sidewalks baby!!!! Burn em down!!!!! Oh yeah... and keep on truckin....

  2. Hey if copper gives you trouble you just tell em' God brought it ..........God will take it away patience grasscopper


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