Friday, 6 February 2015

Rule #335: Parking lot etiquette

What happens to people when they drive into a parking lot? It's like everything we've learned about driving and common courtesy goes out the tail pipe.
When 2 people arrive at a great parking spot at the same time, people grow horns and fangs.

Then there's the dude that needs 2 parking spots to protect his paint job.
How about the people that can't judge the width of the spot, rendering the spot beside useless.
And then there's my favorite:  The people who complain about how they need more exercise and then circle the parking lot in the most congested area, close to the entrance of the mall food court, creating hazards for everyone, looking for the closest spot to the front door.
Dr. Phillip Buttersworth III

In the new world, anyone caught needlessly cruising the parking lot, looking for the best spot and creating congestion for everyone else, will suffer the consequences of  
Dr. Phillip Buttersworth III.


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