Sunday, 1 February 2015

Rule #340: Rush hour traffic

The next time your in a traffic jam, take a look around at the traffic. How many large trucks do you see? Too many, I'm sure. How many cars could fit in place of those trucks? Rush hour is a tough time for commuters.


Not to mention that we can't see around the trucks. And if you’re stuck in traffic, it would be nice to be able to see what's going on.

I think trucks should give commuters a break during key commuting times. At rush hour trucks should surrender the roads to the commuters who are trying to get home in time to have dinner with the wife and kids. Because lord knows, all we want to do is get home and hear about what happened on Oprah today. Truckers should use this time to grab a snack, meditate, call your mom, piss a real toilet instead of an empty windshield washer jug… whatever.

In the new world, large, commercial trucks will surrender the roads in key city areas during rush hour.

But once we're home, It's back to work. Wake up and get moving. 
We need our crap!


  1. Are you kidding me? Have you ever driven a truck? If you are legitimately serious then you need to be woken up.

    How do you expect trucks to get where they're going if they can't drive through a major city for 3 hours 2-3 times a day!? You must be batsh*t stupid to think that they are going to stop because THEY MOVE AMERICA!!! If you need your crap so bad, you'd want them to never stop... Trucks keep our country from falling apart but you wouldn't know that because you're a writer and you've probably never even been in a truck, much less driven one... This is the problem with America, people are uneducated about the world around them.

    How about you take this into consideration. Where do you think those trucks would like to be? Don't you think the drivers would like to get home every day and have a meal with their family? Yea, they would, but they have to make a living. If the truck's not moving it's not making money. That is a damn fact. I guess that doesn't matter to you, even though they are the backbone to our country, because having dinner 15 minutes earlier is more important that having food in the grocery store. Some people will never learn, I just hope you're joking with this...

    1. Hey there! I wish I would have seen this comment when it came through. Thanks for the note. Unfortunately, I am dead serious about this. But thanks for calling me a writer. In fact I'm an auto worker. Logistics material handler to be exact. So I spend my day dealing with trucks and drivers. All trucks have to rest. They can't drive 24 hrs a day. So why not rest at rush hour?


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