Friday, 27 March 2015

Rule #286: Taxes

Everyone thinks we pay too much tax. I disagree. The idea behind taxes is for everyone to contribute to the progress of our society and the development of good social programs. I'd even be happy paying MORE taxes. As long as the money goes to good use. And therein lies the problem. We don't like paying tax because of the gross mismanagement of public funds. If I was going to contribute more to tax, the stipulation would be a restructure of government. What's wrong with government? Well, we have too much for one thing. If government was run like a successful business, I would think we could cut political staffing by 50%. Less government would mean less people to argue with each other, which means more would get done. Just imagine the world we would be living in if we had half the government and more funds. The reality, however, is that with less, more productive government.. LESS tax would be required.


In the new world, everyone will be willing to pay fair taxes based on the new political structure, and the tax rate for over $1m earners will be 90%.


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