Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Rule #295: Biodegradableness

Yes, biodegradableness is a word. Or at least it will be in the new world. 
My point is, just because something is labelled "biodegradable" doesn't give you the right to be totally irresponsible and dump as much as you like into the ecosystem.  I'm talking specifically about the actions of the city of Tampa and their mayor.

Mayor Bob Buckhorn announced that the city will dye part of the Hillsborough River a vibrant shade of Kelly green as part of the first-ever Mayor's River O'Green Fest on St. Patrick's Day.
To accomplish this, Bob dumped 80 pounds of green dye into the river.
What the hell makes Bob think he's got the right to pollute our river system!?! Thanks Bob. I can't wait until your green crap makes it's way to the ocean where we can all enjoy it. No matter what Bob tells you, there is no way any chemical is 100% safe for the water and fish. And to promote that kind of behavior from his level is absolutely irresponsible.

And what about the poor fish? Never mind the fact that it's probably not safe, Bob didn't give a second thought to how freaked out the fish would be trying to figure out what the hell is going on.

In the new world, people like Bob will not be allowed to do this and they will have to apologize for setting a bad example.
Same goes for Chicago and anywhere else this is practiced..


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