Sunday, 15 March 2015

Rule #298: Air travel

I hate paying extra for exceeding my luggage limit when flying. (Actually, I hate watching my hot trophy girlfriend pay extra.) But the reality is that there's weight restrictions for luggage on a plane. I'm sure there's good reason. If the plane is too heavy, it may crash, and that would be bad. So, why is it that there is no weight limits for donuts, beer and french fries? As long as you consume them prior to getting on the plane! It doesn't make sense to me that I am limited to 40lbs of luggage plus my body weight of 145lbs for a combined weight of 185lbs. Meanwhile, a 350lb person can also bring 40lbs of luggage for a combined weight of 390lbs. Logic would suggest that either I should be able to check 245lbs of luggage or the other guy is weighing down the plane! If I were allowed that weight, I could have followed my dreams of becoming a traveling bowling ball salesman.

In the new world, weight restrictions will be set at 250lbs for everyone, calculated by luggage plus body weight.



  1. great rule.... stupid for just charging for the weight of a arbitrary item out of the total weight you are responsible for lugging onto a plane! good rule!!!


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