Saturday, 7 March 2015

Rule #306: Life sentence

Let me see if I understand this correctly... You've committed such horrific crimes; you’re such a menace to society that we're going to lock you away in a cage for the rest of your life.

She should be doing life!

  • The federal average daily inmate cost has increased from $241 in 2006 to $312 in 2010.
  • That's $113,974 per year.
  • Dig this: In 2010, the annual average cost of keeping an inmate incarcerated was:
  • $110,786 per year for a MAN
  • $211,093 per year for a WOMAN
    • Even the serial killer chicks are high maintenance.
  • A person serving a life sentence for 50 years would cost taxpayers over 5.5 million dollars.

In the past, my solution to this was capital punishment. But then I thought, what a waste of a fantastic resource. Why aren't we putting these people to good use? Couldn't they tend a garden that could be used to feed hungry children? Or look after a house for elderly people? Wouldn't it be awesome having Charles Manson come over every Tuesday to clean your toilet? 

In the new world, incarcerated criminals will provide a service to the community.


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