Friday, 6 March 2015

Rule #307: Plastic surgery

  Finally! A technology being put to good use! I can't wait until there's a discount plastic surgeon that I can afford! I mean, is there a down side? You get wheeled into a room looking like Keith Richards and BAM!  An hour later you look like Brad Pitt. Sign me up!

Now, I've heard rumors that these surgeries don't always go quite right, but I find that hard to believe. Obviously, if that were the case, people wouldn't continue to do it, now would they? Think about it, if there were numerous accounts of plastic surgeries that didn't work out, would all the intelligent celebs and socialites keep getting it done? Of course not. How ridiculous would that be?

Then there's the cynics that think plastic surgery is stupid! But we know for a fact, because of the cost, that only intelligent people get it done. Because you have to be a thoughtful intellectual to obtain wealth, right? 
Only the feeble minded would think that hot celebrities would choose to put their money toward making their lips bigger, or reducing wrinkles instead of helping a young burn victim or a child who was in a horrific car accident. So we shouldn't even question the fact that these procedures are absolutely essential to the betterment of mankind.

In the new world, skilled doctors who could be putting their talents to good use will not waste time on vain celebrities who aren't responsible enough to possess the money they control.


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