Thursday, 5 March 2015

Rule #308: Outside smokers

If you're at some sort of medical institution because of illness, shouldn't you be doing everything in your power to heal? Smoking may not be the cause of your illness, but it sure as hell aint the cure! If I'm sick enough to seek medical attention, I'm treating myself right to try to get better. (unless, of course, there's a party down the street with a shirts off, video dance competition. In that case, waddya gonna do, right?) Otherwise, I'm eating right, getting plenty of liquids and definitely...          
Now, I will admit, it is kind of entertaining watching people smoke outside in the dead of winter. I mean, at -15 degrees how do they know when they're done exhaling? Do they just keep blowing until they fall over, or what? I have to hand it to them, no matter what the weather's like, they're out there. With the collar up as far as it can go, free hand in the pocket, trying to get shelter from a tree with a 2 inch trunk. Man, that's dedication. I wish I could be that dedicated to something!
Unfortunately, it's not entertaining enough to justify the pollution it causes, the strain on the health care system and the general annoyance factor.

In the new world, smoking will be abolished!


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