Monday, 2 March 2015

Rule #311: Recycling

My ol' bud Johnny Simon does a hilarious bit on this topic in one of his comedy routines. He talks about how we're blowing ourselves up all over the world and we're destined to be extinct in short order at the rate we're going. So, why would anyone spend an hour a day sorting plastic, glass, paper, cardboard..... etc. Trust me, it's funny when he says it.

The point is, it got me to thinking. Being somewhat of a defeatist myself, (I believe we're toast at the rate we're going) why the hell am I spending time recycling and driving my kids nuts by trying to teach them the virtues of recycling when I don't think we'll be around long enough for it to make a difference?
For me, I guess it comes down to this. What if I'm wrong? What if we get our shit together and fix things? Wouldn't it be better to have a great world base to work with rather than having to clean up a garbage dump before we can even start living in the new world?
I think so, and if we can learn to follow the rules set out in this easy to follow manual for a better world, we'll be OK. And deep inside, I believe it's not too late. Otherwise, I never would have started the "Rules for a new world".

And if Johnny's right, and we do blow ourselves to smithereens... well, at least I can hold my head high and feel like I've done whatever I could to avoid this (as my head is evaporated.)

In the new world, everyone will recycle (among other things) to keep our world clean.


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