Saturday, 25 April 2015

Rule #257: Happy meals

Buying a Joyeux Festin (as they say in French Canada) at McDonalds will achieve one goal. It'll shut your precious little brat up for 5 minutes. Or at least until they get tired of the orange toy and decide they want the green one.
It will also, however, contribute to obesity, promote unhealthy eating, teach your children that waste and mindless consumption are perfectly acceptable etc, etc.... 

Some areas of the world are starting to realize there is a problem
with this. San Francisco has become the first U.S. city to crack down on the dubious practice of fast food companies luring children into eating unhealthy meals by giving away gimmicky toys. All the fast-food giants have forged powerful links with the toy industry, and none more so than McDonald's, which is thought to be the world's biggest toy distributor, giving away or selling billions of toys each year. Where do you think all those toys are now? I doubt many live past the age of 24 hours before they're sent to they're sorry death beside the styrofoam and banana peels in your garbage.

Not so "HAPPY" meow, is it?

In the new world, gimmicks designed to lure kids into eating unhealthy crap will be outlawed - Everywhere.

Just not in public (see rule #337)


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