Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Rule #261: Bullied suicide

To give credit where credit is due, PM Harper made a good point the other day. The word "bullying" conjures images of mean kids pushing other kids or making harmless fun of someone wearing glasses (the kind of "bullying" we used to see many moons ago). It was never right and should never be tolerated, but the stories we see in the news that are labeled "Bullying" are actually criminal activity. Pushing someone to the brink is more a form of harassment or assault. It's wrong to label it as bullying.

I think it's also wrong to blame a youth suicide on "bullying". If a young person takes their life because they are being "bullied", there are deeper issues. And if we focus all our efforts on bringing the bully to justice so they don't bully anyone again, we're missing the opportunity to find out what the real problem was. A young person who commits suicide could be dealing with anything from abuse at home to undiagnosed clinical depression or a million other things. There is no way it's solely because of the bullying or harassment or assault or whatever you want to call it. And if we want to prevent future incidents of teen suicide, we need to dig for the real issue. Children who even consider suicide should have resources to help and it's up to us, as a society to provide and make these resources available.

In the new world, I'm sure rule #1 can solve our bullying issue, but any teen suicide will be investigated for the mental issues that truly exist.


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