Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Rule #267: The idiot law

I mentioned this in an earlier post and I stand by that comment 
(see rule #296: God hates fags)
Cops should have the ability to observe someone doing something stupid, which is not against the law, and say to them: "I understand you're not breaking the law, but you're being an idiot, you're under arrest."

The one problem that will exist is the power tripping coppers. We have to weed them out before we can implement this rule. Cops need to exercise restraint. Especially with drunk people. They have the power. There's no need to throw their weight around.

But say someone's doing something just to piss off another neighbor, the cops need to have the ability to enforce the "Idiot law." I envision it happening like this:
Dude builds an obstacle on his property line, obviously with the sole intention of pissing off his neighbor. Coppers get called. Coppers show up. Dude goes into his rant about how he's not breaking any laws. Copper waits until he's finished. Copper gives him a thoughtful 15 second look up and down and replies: "You're being an idiot. Fix this or you're under arrest." Then maybe people will learn to act like normal functioning members of society. They'll stop and think the next time they just want to piss someone off. 

In the new world, cops will have the right, ability and training to enforce the “idiot law.”

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