Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Rule #268: Over consumption

There are enough resources for human need, Not human greed!
I made that up. Pretty good eh?

With money comes power. And, ultimately, an ability to live above the law. Please allow me to explain:

It's against the law to catch certain fish out of season or in certain locations or in certain ways. However, it's perfectly acceptable for a person of wealth to buy 100lbs of any kind of fish, cook it, put it in a plastic bag and send it to the landfill while people starve.

Rich people say:  "I have enough money to fly to a different exotic location every day"….
Translation:  "I'm rich, so I can pollute your air!"

Rich people: "I have enough money to prepare way more food than I need every night, even if I just throw it away"....
Translation: "I'm rich, so I can deplete the earths natural resourses."

The rich: "I have enough money to heat my giant pool and 25,ooo sq. ft house that I live in alone"....
The trans: "I'm rich, so I can burn all the oil and gas I want."

We shouldn't allow irresponsible people to aquire wealth. If you

win the lottery, you should have to take a training course on responsibility. With a test. Fail the test... lose the cash!
Here's a good example in four syllabls: 

KAR DASH I AN! Kim and whats her name Kardashian.
No talent
    No contribution to society
        No sense of responsibility... 
            net worth $35,000,000.00. 

I have no problem with people being rich. One of my goals is to aquire wealth. I'd love to win the lottery and be able to quit my job. It's what you do with that wealth that's important. There's no reason anyone needs more than $1 million  annually to live extremely comfortably. I make just under 100K and I'm quite comfortable living on that. Get as rich as you want. Have a trillion dollar bank account if that makes you happy. Just live reasonably. "The Donald" said in his book, and I quote, "I have enough money, much more than I'll ever need, deals are my art form" Fair enough. Continue. But it doesn't give you the right to put a giant marble column on a ship and have it brought across the ocean at the cost of our environment.

In the new world, anyone making over 1 million annually, will be taxed at 95% unless they can prove they can handle wealth responsibly.
And to kick things off, I personally commit, before you all, the entire population of the new world, the following: 

If I ever achieve the ability to make in excess of one million dollars in a single year, anything over the $1M bones, or clams (whatever you want to call it) will go to tax or charity.


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