Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Rule #274: Butt chuckers

You know who you are. You're driving along sucking on a fag and when you're done polluting the air with cigarette smoke you take that final satisfying inhale and it's time to top it all off with the obligatory chuck of the lit butt out your car window. No harm done, right? You don't want to mess up your precious ash tray with that disgusting smelly thing AND  have to deal with it later. So what's the obvious option? Chuck it out onto MY road. It'll get taken care of. A city worker, or a kindly old lady or God or some magical gnome will look after it. They must be biodegradable anyway, right?

No. They are not biodegradable. And no one is going to come along and clean them up. They are just typical litter. Thank you for that. I guess I can just come over to your house and dump my garbage on your front lawn. Maybe some magical gnome will come clean it up.


I swear, the next time I'm parked at a red light and the driver in front of me flicks a butt out the window, I'm going to get out, pick it up, knock on the window and when the driver opens the window I'm going to say "I'm sorry, you accidentally dropped this and throw it back in their car. Maybe that'll get the message through.

In the new world, this behavior will carry the same fine as careless driving and littering combined.


  1. I totally agree with you on this topic...smoking in the car can also be dangerous if a lit butt ends up flying back into the car or if it is dropped between your legs a serious accident could occur.

  2. Dropping a lit fag between your legs COULD be a problem, unless you have an open beer with you to extinguish it with!


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