Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Rule #275: Bar phone etiquette

This actually happened to me not too long ago. I'm sitting in a bar in the Eatons Centre in downtown Toronto, while my hot trophy girlfriend and our kids are shopping. Because that's how I shop, that's why. Anyway, so there's myself and one other dude at the bar, and the other guy has got his phone on the bar with an earpiece in and talking extremely loudly about all kinds of nothing. "Dude, every time I take her out, she always takes her friend along so it costs me twice as much." So I'm thinking "If you weren't such an annoying loser, maybe she'd go out with you alone." I couldn't believe this guy. I mean, I was there for a solid 2 hours having pleasant conversation with the bartendress, and this guy didn't shut up the whole time.

This will not stand, man. This disrespect and ignorance will not stand! The bar is a sacred, social environment and cannot be tainted. We cannot have this in the new world! There is some shit, up with which, I will not put!

In the new world, anyone caught using their phone in an annoying fashion in a bar, will have the phone slapped out of their hand, and be 86'd.
(and lit on fire, I guess)



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