Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Rule #281: Sunshine list

For those who are not aware, the sunshine list is a published list of public-sector workers earning more than $100,000.00 annually. Everyone is all up in arms about this right now because the list has grown 11% this year over last. Well what do people expect? It's called inflation! 100K isn't that much anymore. Do you want your public servants working for minimum wage? Wouldn't that be great, having the same dude design your city by-laws and bag your dollar store items?
If you think the government spends too much on paying government employees, you're right! But it's not because they make too much (not all of them anyway), it's because there's too many of them to pay! If we have 2 public sector workers making 100K, cut 1 and pay the other 110K.

I'm not talking about the front line workers. Leave the teachers and nurses etc, alone. They're some of the few that earn their keep. I'm talking about the red tape creating, pencil pushers in office. I've said it before, less government means less bickering and more progress. If you think teachers and nurses make too much, YOU do the job! Then you can request a pay cut.

In the new world, there will be 50% less government officials and 100% more public funds.

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