Saturday, 30 May 2015

Rule #222: Cancer research is a hoax!

 Or maybe not...  But I'm starting to wonder. Have you ever
wondered why, despite the billions of dollars spent on cancer research over many decades, and the constant promise of a cure which is forever "just around the corner", cancer continues to increase? Firstly, a cure is not profitable. Research is. The US cancer society is #7 on the Forbes list of 100 largest US charities with a revenue of $1.01 BILLION. Any organization with that kind of revenue will have powerful people involved at the top. And at the top of this kind of food chain, there are probably some pretty fat CEO's collecting fat CEO salaries and bonuses. American Cancer Society CEO John Seffrin received $2,401,112 salary/compensation in 2010. What's the chances that John would like to keep "fundraising to find a cure" as opposed to "actually finding a cure"? Pretty good, I'd say. In 2000, Dan Wiant, the chief administrative officer of the American Cancer Society of Ohio, pled guilty to embezzling $7 million from the organization. That's a lot of cancer cash. I have a feeling they aren't in it because they believe in the cause. All money issues aside, there is way too much focus on endless promotion of cancer treatments while ignoring prevention.

 There are many published articles supporting the concept that diseases like cancer are fictitious and just a name given to a pattern of symptoms appearing as a natural result of certain metabolic functions caused by lifestyle decisions. Similar to giving the result of drinking too much a fancy name like: "Red eye energy deficiency" or "REED". A drug company could even develop a drug and do a fund raising campaign to "Find a cure" for "REED". I'm not 100% sold on that concept. I'm sure Lance Armstrong lives a pretty healthy lifestyle and that didn't prevent him from getting de-nutted. Although, he was ingesting some questionable substances.

Imagine a cancer researcher discovers the cure for cancer tomorrow. He (we know scientists are all men) discovers that the
cure is exercise and eating milkweed. Here’s the way I see it going down. He gets so excited, he pushes past all the female scientists (who are dusting in skimpy, low cut, short white gowns and red high heels) and bursts into the office of the head cancer research dude. After he makes his big announcement of his discovery. The fat suits put down their cigars, raise their scotch and nod to the henchman in the corner who pulls a lever and the floor opens up and the brilliant scientist falls to his fiery death. The suits sit back down and begin working on the next money campaign.

I’m not ready to commit to this one yet, I certainly don’t want to deprive anyone affected by cancer the necessary treatment, but there will be some pretty heavy investigation and regulation overseeing the cancer research world.
Or maybe my dad is right and cancer is caused by aliens. Hmmm….. Whatever, dude.

In the new world, cancer research including CEO salary will be strictly monitored and total CEO compensation will be capped at 100K.


  1. I have often thought that possible cures / vaccines for cancer have been pushed under the rug. I don't have facts and figures but I am sure the big pharma companies rake in money that would make the Cancer charity's haul seem like chump change. With billions upon billions being made for drugs that treat rather than cure I am sure something underhanded is going on. I know cancer is a complicated disease with almost infinte variations but still after all the research and money spent you would think we would much farther along with this terrible disease. If I was making the rules I would cut some of the trillions countries spend on the military and quadruple the efforts on curing cancer. I mean we all know someone or have been affected ourselves with this horrible disease.

  2. How about space exploration? I think we could redirect some of the space cash!

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