Sunday, 24 May 2015

Rule #228: Drinking and cycling

I've heard a lot of talk lately from people who think you can be
charged with impaired and have your license revoked for riding a bicycle while under the influence. Well I'm here to set the record straight. I think this was a rumor started by the man. Well nice try, man, but here's a little truth for ya! The following is an excerpt from an article interview with the Toronto police traffic services unit in the Globe and mail:

"For one thing, you can't be charged with impaired driving if you're intoxicated while riding a bicycle since a bike is not classified as a vehicle under that law, says Sergeant Tim Burrows of the Toronto Police Traffic Services unit. But a drunk cyclist could be charged under the Ontario Highway Traffic Act (which is similar in most provinces) for careless driving, at a fine of $110. And there's always the public intoxication charge which could land you in the drunk tank or cost you at least a $50 fine." 


I believe there are a few places in the world where you can be charged with DUI on a bicycle. But not many. I've even heard the same applies for horses! Can you believe it? How ridiculous! I don't think many horses can even ride a bike. And if I saw a drunk horse ride a bike, I think I'd let it slide.

  Is it safe to ride drunk? Well judging by how many times my hot
trophy girlfriend and I have fallen off bikes riding home from parties, I'd say Probably not.
  Is it a really smart thing to do? Probably not. But neither is getting in a drunken shopping cart race and I survived that.
 Is it better than driving drunk? Hell yeah! Man, I've read arguments about how unsafe it is and how it's even more dangerous to the rider because he's not protected by a shell of steel. True. But isn't it better to endanger the operator with bad judgement rather than a little girl playing outside or sleeping in the back of a car? I think so.

In the new world, only bike riders making a spectacle of themselves will be stopped. And if they're impaired, only general public intoxication laws will be enforced.



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