Thursday, 21 May 2015

Rule #231: Orange juice with pulp

If you're going to make OJ, I say finish the job. If we're going to do things half ass, why don't we just make cars without wheels or houses without roofs. Save the pulp for the paper mills or movies with John Travolta. 
  I know I'm not the only one who feels this way, because when OJ is on sale, all that's left is the pulp filled crap. I'm convinced that the orange juice manufacturers don't maintain their equipment very well. Which cannot be due to lack of revenue. The most popular flavour for the American 100% juice market is orange, with almost 60% of the retail volume market share. Orange is also the most popular flavour for the juice drinks market, with 22.7%. Nonetheless, There must be frequent breakdowns and when the OJ only gets half done, they hawk it as "with pulp" when in reality it should be labelled "almost done".

In the new world, pure orange juice will be sold as such.

OJ with pulp will be sold as crushed oranges.



  1. In my house we have to buy both pulp and pulp free oj. My husband prefers the extra pulp, but never rinses tha glass when he's done, another reason to ban oj with pulp!

    1. EXTRA pulp! What a weirdo. Just smash an orange in a dog dish for him!

  2. A few models are manual and some are electric. A few brands are built of plastic while others have stainless steel parts.

  3. Fresh juices are rich in minerals, enzymes and vitamins that processing such as pasteurizing damages or destroys. The nutrients in freshly extracted juice are intact and thus, provide maximum benefits for health and taste. uicers


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