Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Rule #233: Sun days

We have snow days, why not sun days

Snow days are based on safety. It is apparently unsafe to go to school when there is too much snow. Not too unsafe, however to go outside and throw snowballs at the snow plow.

I believe that it's just as unsafe to go to work on a perfect summer day. No one can focus on work (except me, of course) and people are so unhappy that someone is going to lose it and shoot the place up. In order to avoid another postal incident, there should be a bank of sun days. When the sun rises and conditions are just right, a higher power, wiser than ourselves, will make the call and push the "SUN DAY" button. The next 12 hours of our lives will be filled with the stuff dreams are made of. A perfect day with no plans. 
12 hours spent biking, swimming, gardening. Or my personal fav, drinking in the garage. And when the sun sets on that perfect day that we would have otherwise spent working for the man, we'll reflect back and be better people for it.

In the new world, when certain criteria are met, (NE wind @ 5K/hr, 27 degrees, low humidity, and of course full sun) school and work will be called off.



  1. A school in washington closed for a rare sun day a few weeks ago so that the kids and staff could enjoy the outdoors.

    1. Who'd have thought we'd have to take a lesson from those Washingtoners! But I dig their style.

  2. What an amazing idea! Being a teacher, I get to experience "sun days" all summer, but I can absolutely see the benefit of these days for other occupations. Being stuck inside when it is a beautiful day can be frustrating to say the least. It could even make an employee resentful in some instances. By allowing for this brain break, employees will become better workers and more focused.


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