Monday, 18 May 2015

Rule #234: Garbage collection

In my neck of the woods, garbage is collected each and every week. Without fail. No matter the weather. And as I watched the dude collect it today, I realized it is a great service. And in my opinion, also a fantastic waste of resources and public money.

It's wrong on so many levels. Especially in a world where we're trying to promote recycling, composting and the like. What motivation would anyone have to exercise any of the three R's when all of their crap can be tossed in a bag and picked up every 7 days.

There's no reason to collect garbage every week. In my house of 4 consumers, I put the garbage out every 2 weeks. Sometimes 3. How is that possible, you ask? Easy. Follow the 3 R's. The first being the most important. Reduce. Do you need the definition? Here's the translation of reduce: Stop buying so much crap to throw out!

Is it necessary to buy all the latest throw away gadgets that come on
the market? What do you remember about Christmas' past?  Do you remember the toy you got when you were eight years old? While occasionally a certain gift or toy sticks out in your mind from a memorable holiday season, more often than not it's experiences and traditions that stay in our memories for years to come. Why not start giving gifts that create memories for your loved ones that they will cherish for years . I can give you one example. This past Christmas, for my brother and his family, I purchased a bunch of steaks and all the fixins' and prepared a fantastic (and I mean I outdid myself) meal for everyone. Great meal, great memories and instead of putting all the presents out for the garbage man to take to the landfill, we just flushed them down the toilet. Like we would have anyway.

In the new world, garbage will be collected according to the following schedule:

Compost every week

Recycling every 2 weeks

General garbage every month


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