Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Rule #240: Mothers day

Wikipedia definition:  

"Mother's Day is a celebration honoring mothers and motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society. It complements Father's day, a similar celebration honoring fathers." 

 Damn! I thought because my mom is out of town, I could get off with a phone call. I mean, my smokin' hot trophy girlfriend aint my mom. But, because she is a mother, and based on the definition above, I guess it aint that easy. Sorry dudes, looks like we gotta celebrate motherhood and the influence of mothers in society. I know, whatever dude!  

Unfortunately, mother's Day has become to some moms what Christmas is to kids: A perversion of the simple joy of honoring loved ones. I think if we, as  dudes with chicks who have kids, blow $20 on a bottle of wine and cook dinner, we should be good. Recognizing and celebrating mothers doesn't have to be that much work. If I hear of any of you ruining it for the rest of us by raising the bar with $500.00 earrings or a trip to Greece, you will be banished from the New World!

In the new world, mothers will get what they really want for mothers day, time with loved ones.

One day of that B.S. is probably all she wants anyway.

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