Sunday, 10 May 2015

Rule #242: Everybody hates Hitler

Well, most people hate Hitler. 

  You know what I hate about Hitler? I know what you're thinking. He killed a billion Jews. I want to be quite clear, I do not support killing Jews! That's wrong and will not be tolerated in the new world. And I'm not one of those who thinks the holocaust was a hoax. But Hitler did something else that seems to get overlooked. I'm actually starting to wonder if the whole holocaust thing may have been a cover up for his true evil plan. If this is true, he was very successful... Until now.

  Have you ever considered the idea that his secret agenda was to ruin the short mustache? Think about it! He took it away from the entire world! What comes to mind when you see someone with that middle of the upper lip short stache? You don't say "Hey, that's an interesting mustache, it really ties your face together." No! You say "WTF? Get rid of that Hitler stache' immediately you psycho freak".

  Well I say enough is enough! What did we do when the twin towers were attacked? WE REBUILT! What did we do when the Boston marathon was attacked? WE RAN AGAIN!
Well now it's time to take back the short stache! COME ON CHILDREN OF THE NEW WORLD, RISE UP WITH ME! WE CAN'T LET HITLER WIN!

In the new world, everyone will wear a short mustache for 1 year, or until it's no longer associated with Nazi's. And we have to give it a new name. I suggest the "Not Zee" stache.

And no killing Jews.


  1. Does that go for women too? I hope not cause that would be scarey!

    1. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm..... Women optional. Let's try that.

  2. LOL! I agree, it's silly that a short mustache is automatically associated with Hitler. It's a reflection of the dysfunction inherent within society.

    1. That's right! And that is why we need to start again. The new world means new 'staches.


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