Monday, 4 May 2015

Rule #248: Wrong people who think they're right

It's a defense mechanism. You've done it. I've done it. Not everyone is proud to admit it. 

**You'll have to excuse me, I'm eating popcorn and it's really hot. I make it on the stove in a unit called "the perfect popper". It's the only way to make popcorn. This is relevant because I just got back from the bar and now I'll probably have to down a few to keep the heat of the popcorn down, so if the wheels fall off this article, you'll know why.**

Like I was saying... when we screw up, say in a car accident, our first reaction is to blame the other person. Not so much because we think we're right, but more because our defense mechanisms kick in and we react accordingly. Pushing the blame elsewhere takes it away from ourselves.

I have recently been guilty of this and I throw myself at the mercy of the new world court. Yesterday & today's entries are a result of my own defense mechanism reaction. As I said yesterday, I can't

stand student drivers practicing parallel parking on public roads. That is true. So picture this: yesterday I'm making great time riding home from work and what do I encounter? A PARALLEL PARKER.... IN TRAINING! I pulled the ultimate stupid move. I admit it. I put myself in a very dangerous situation, which is not a natural reaction for me. And when the trainer in the car yelled at me through the window and simply said "really?", did I reply "I'm sorry, that was my mistake". Oh on. My reply was "F U! Get off the F'n road! It actually felt pretty good. But it was wrong. I was trying to deflect.

In the new world, our mistakes will be our own, and when we try to blame someone else, they will say... whatever dude.

 I told you the wheels were gonna fall off.
night night. 

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