Monday, 29 June 2015

Rule #192: Poverty

Poverty sucks. I know. I've been there. I lived in an abandoned house with 8 or 10 (it was hard to tell) other down and out Newfies. Thankfully I got out. I just kept my faith in God and with his love and.... ha ha... alright. I can't even type that bullshit. The truth is we all could have been destined to a life of poverty and living on the streets.

There's enough money in the world to go around for everyone. I'm not suggesting we throw all the cash in a pile and split it up evenly so the people who abuse our system just blow their share irresponsibly, then look for more. Rule #1 (coming January 7) should solve this problem. For now, we need to figure out how to keep children fed and off the streets and teach them to be productive. One problem is that people shouldn't be having kids if you don't have means to provide. So why is that happening? It seems we have all the education and information at our finger tips to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Yet it continues to happen. That's a big one.

 Also, we decide where our money goes and who gets it. Like I said, there's enough cash for everyone, but look who we give it to. I don't think anyone would argue that professional sports athletes and celebrities make way too much, yet we pay way too much to go see sports events, movies and read the tabloids. So, until we learn to be responsible with money, we can't really complain about undeserving people having too much of it.

In the new world, we won't have poverty. Until then, we need to start considering who we give all our money to.


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