Sunday, 28 June 2015

Rule #193: Law enforcement cameras

 Are law enforcement cameras an invasion of privacy? Well I guess if you're breaking the law they are. Take the red light cameras at intersections which are installed to catch drivers running red lights. The problem isn’t privacy. These cameras are in public places, where people’s faces and cars are visible to everyone.  The camera that caught a driver running a red light saw only what any passerby, and any police officer who might have been at the intersection, could lawfully see. It's not like they're being installed in your bedroom.

 Those opposed to the concept call it creeping Big Brotherism.  But the analysis can’t be as simple as “surveillance bad, privacy good”; and at least in some situations, camera systems can promote both security and liberty. Personally, I hate the concept of law enforcement cameras. The thought of a society of surveillance saddens me. But I also hate the thought of assholes raping our daughters and stealing our stuff. If every activity everyone did was caught on camera, eventually people would learn to stop breaking the law. Then we could get back to having our freedom and enjoy a crime free society.

In the new world, surveillance cameras won't be necessary thanks to…  rule #1. Until then, we will need as many as possible.


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