Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Rule #197: Property tax

 I'm down with the concept of property tax. It seems legit. You have property in the city that requires services such as a supply of water, Hydro lines, a paved road, a sewer pipe to pipe away all your shit... etc. These things aint free. Someone has to install them and keep them running... Ipso Facto... a payment in the form of tax is required. I dig it.

 Where it gets a little muddy for me is when your taxes are increased because you have a larger house or larger city lot. I used to have a big house on a big lot. That was before I got, you know, divorced and whatnot. I'm not sure what happened to that relationship. Or the one before that. Some people say it's because I can be opinionated. Those people are stupid.

 But I digress. When I had a big lot, I also had big property taxes. Why is that? I had a big lot. That means I occupied a larger piece of the city. Which means I looked after a larger part of the city. The city didn't send anyone around to cut my giant grass, or shovel my 6 car driveway. If anything, the city should have been compensating me for looking after my giant portion of the world. And what about property tax on condos?

In the new world, property tax will be based on what services you need and receive!


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